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 Hey Friends,

Let me introduce my self quickly,

I`m Amrit maurya.

The part time blogger and digital marketer.

amrit maury founder of edugayans

 I`m 14-years old parttime-blogger and websiter who loves to do blogging , give the answer of user` questions and share knowlede with others.

I`m from khalilabad(uttar pradesh) and by qualification, I`m still a student but a passionate blogger by heart.

Let talk about this blog or website.

I started this blog or website to serve the users who want to take their question`s answer, That’s why I name this Blog Edugayans Blogging. I started this blog on 18 march 2020 to help all of you.

What Is Edugayans Blogging Is All About?

Edugayans blogging is the blog website that full guides you to become a better blogger in the edugayans blog we talk about the one of the most is blogging, affiliate marketing and many other stuff which can help you to start in the online world filled and grow your blog like a rocket.

 Edugayans blog helps you to really/ seriously grow your blog and it helps you to make the right revenue,

But keep in mind this will then happens when you do work hard because we don’t share any of the quick rich schemes because it is reality not any fake.

If you are thinking the following thoughts after you want to do blogging.

  • You want to get quick rich.
  • You want to scam people and earn money.
  • If you are looking for a quick hacks and tricks to start it.

 If you are followed these method to start blogging then don’t come in this field because then it is not for you. if you don’t want to provide quality content for your user then leave this blog right now because we don’t get those people who does not passionate about the your blog to provide quality content for their users.

If you are looking for any other query, you can contact me 

Thanks for readingthis and giving your precious time to us.

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