13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make


Hey there,

Are you a beginner blogger to just started a blog? And You are doing most awful mistakes as a ‘Amateur Blogger‘?

In the human life , humans always doing some mistakes . From such mistakes they can also learn better but from their some mistakes they need to lose more .

 If a human does not doing mistakes then, he never know what’s their mistakes and they are never level up. They are not gaining knowledge without any types of mistakes.

Many beginners bloggers started their blog and they do something which are they known.

But they don’t know which he do is right r wrong on his blog.

Many bloggers make mistake as a amateur blogger because of that their blog not  growing.

I am also committed like these mistakes as amateur blogger. But when I am know our mistakes then that time  I was immediately ,

And from those my mistakes. I am improve those and level up our blog website and learn more about it.

So if you are starting. Your blog post just and you committed some of the common errors.

From those you can losses you growing. And You don’t know bout those mistakes but you want to know.

So this post is for you,

In this post I am sharing with you Most Awful mistakes which mostly beginnertheseggers definitely do this mistakes. And because of those mistakes could not rank on the Google.

So, In this, I told you all awful mistakes which amateur bloggers make. Also, keep in mind that Edugayans blogging is only one aim to help you to succeed in blogging.

So let’s start it,

Before starting it I want to say with you that read this article seriously  because if you not read it seriously then I don’t take Guarantee that you should improve your mistakes or not through this postA

1. Free Blog domain Name

amateur blogger

Most beginner bloggers do big mistake, that is they don’t purchase domain name for their blog.

So that they take a free domain name for their blog.
Bloggers, who use free domain name for their blog they avoid much opportunity for their blog.

So if you are a beginner, you just started your blog with free domain or you think to start a blog with free domain then this is for you .

So to purchasing a custom domain or having a custom domain name for your blog is the best preserved.

From the custom domain name you will get more exposure.

If you use a free domain then after doing much hard work you doesn’t not rank on the Google.

So finally if you are a beginner in blogging field and you committed this mistake by using free domain . I always custom domain recommended to you.

Now register a custom domain for your blog.

Now let’s know about the advantage and disadvantage.

Disadvantage of using free domain name.

You are not able to control that domain.

The company who provides you free domain name to you that does not give you the full access to that domain name .

Also you don’t have full access to control your domain.
If you do something wrong with any who provides you free domain they can delete your domain name at any time.

And from this your all contents which you are published on that free domain .

Unfriendly SEO
By using free domain name your domain name not indexed on search engine properly because free domain name not indexed in search engine.

And you cannot get organic traffic on your blog. so if you want to make money from blog then I always recommend it to you get a custom domain name advantage of using custom domain .

If we talked about the advantage of using custom domain then there are lots of advantage of this .

So let’s talk about some advantage .

You are able to control that domain name by using custom domain name.
You have full access to control your domain name and you have freedom to by using this . No anyone cannot access to our domain without your permission and you don’t have any type of doubt that your contents will be delete at any time.

SEO friendly: By using custom domain name you can fully , easily and properly indexed your domain name in search engine like Google ,Yahoo and so on .

By using this you can rank your blog on the top of the Google so from now go through the custom domain name for your blog.

These are some advantage of using custom domain name with full freedom.

So I think from now you are away from this mistake if you are thinking that where we register a custom domain name.

You can go to easily on domain name providers platforms such as namecheap, hosting and Godaddy .

Now let’s move to the second mistake which make bloggers.

2.Using Cheap or Free Hosting

You are not using good hosting or you are using cheap and free hosting? right.

If it is right then you are making a biggest mistake by ignoring this mistake .
Free hosting is just like as free domain name .

All bloggers need to use good hosting for their blog and if you are using free or cheap bad hosting for your blog like blogger.com.

Then you don’t have full control Access for your blog with a free platform.
Also you don’t get your host pannal with many customisation options to customise your blog.

According to me, if you are using free hosting they are more and more chances to lose your all contents .if that is go down.

So if you also from those bloggers who made this mistake then I am always recommended to you move your blog from free or bad hosting to a good hosting which gives for your blog many options like rocket speed.



3. Blog Design Is Repulsive

When I started my blogging gerone then that time the big mistake is this.
And I think it can also your big mistakes ,

But why we need to say this you know?

I am saying this because when I am starting this blog then I also use free themes as every newbie . Also I know as a beginner of newbie there is not any type of budget available to purchase premium themes and plugins.

So you use free themes and plugins which makes you blog design repulsive and you don’t able to customise your blog like Pro blogger or professionally.

But you want to your blog looks like Pro block than you you new to make a budget for purchasing premium plans and themes try to purchase usable plugins and themes.

Maybe you are thinking that how the premium themes and plugins will help you to customising your blog but before this I want to tell something about free themes and plugins .

According to the Google ranking policy if you blog does not good and it’s not giving to users proper interface then it will too hard to rank your blog on Google.

so let’s talk about benefits to using premium themes and plugins for your blog .

  1. To using premium themes for the blog it looks professionally and more attractive but if you are using free themes for your blog than it does not look professionally and also it is not attractive for the users and the main point is your thing is first and most important thing in your blog success .
  2. Premium themes are also mobile friendly and SEO ranking from that you don’t face any type of issue at the time to optimising your blog for Google search ranking.
  3.  Premium themes are always time to time updates which is most important and also if you have anything problem related to your themes customisation then you can definitely ask from that plugin support team and they will only resolve your problems .
  4. If you are using free themes then it is difficult to customise your blog and it never look as professional blog .

But if you use premium themes then you are able to customise your blog is really like a professional blog .

But you are confused that which premium themes best for you.

Don’t worry! I am here.
Now I am telling you the best easy and best usable plugin and themes for your blog which you can customise your blog .


It is a premium theme and if you install to your blog then your blog speed up like as a rocket because it is a light theme

It has many customisation options from that you can easily design your blog like a problem I also use this theme and it’s really works very well.

But one more thing you need for professionally customising your blog, that is the designing plugin that name is elementor Pro .

All pro bloggers use this plugin to customise their blogs .
this plugin works very well with generatepress theme.

So I hope that you know about Blog design and from now you’re not do this mistakes.

4. Contents Copy Without Giving Authority

Many new bloggers make big mistake like that is the copy others contents.

There are many new bloggers who don’t know all about blogging and does not want to write their own post so they copy others blogs contents that they the needs with some modification without giving them authority or credit about that post.

So Google search engine is most powerful and mindable.
no one can not make them fool.
Because they crawl all blog or website from tent to large thing of that web site .
and check which are unique and which are copying.

Those bloggers who copying others contents with some modification they post on the their blog. They will never arrived on that particular post on Google because they are Plagiarism contents.

What is plaigarism?
It means copying the other contents from other blog and paste to your particular blog that is known as Plagiarism .

So it affect on your blog and Google does not trust on your site.
Due to this reason you might never rank on google .

So I commanded to you never copy others Content .

Write articles by yourself and try First clear your mind set that we need to provide valuable content to our audience from others.

You don’t need to write contents but finally we say you never got any advantage of copying other contents otherwise you got for your blog much disadvantage.

There are many disadvantage to copying other contents.

  • The Google does not trust on your blog.
  • You does not get organic traffic.
  • Your blog will go down
  • Your blog never rank on the top of the Google .
  • Only you got some social traffic and many more

So I always recommended to you never copy others content without giving credit them I hope after reading this you know about it and from now you write unique content and never repeat this mistake.

Hey, Are  you exited to start your blogging Business,

If yes, then  Let’s dive in,. 


For purchasing web hosting and domain name for your blog follow the steps which are given below:How to start a blog?

Step 1: Click on the Special offer link for starting your First blog.

13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make 1

I would Recommended to you with Startup plan. Click on the get started button.

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your blog.

13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make 2

Pick the domain name, which is easy in all.
Let take an example, if you take interests in opening a job blog and you are decided your blog name is latest job so then you can go with the domain name latestjob.com

And still, you have not picked your domain for your blog, so I Recommended to you read the domain section where we full explained. After reading that you have many ideas to choose your domain.

Step 3: Fill The Information Of Your Account

13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make 3

Now, fill your all details correctly which required. These details make your siteground account.

Step 4: Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Details

13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make 4

You have must to fill credit and debit card details to purchase your domain and hosting for your blog.

Step 5: Confirm The Terms And Conditions & Click On The Pay Button

13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make 5

It will be taking some minutes for siteground to ready with your web hosting account and you will get your domain is ready.

Wait some minutes, then you will check your email box for important details related to your siteground account.

After that,

You’re done

Then, login to your siteground fill filling your username and password.

5. Selecting High Difficulty Niche

13 Terrible Mistakes That Most Amateur Blogger Make 6

There are many and many new bloggers are selecting high difficulty?
yes, there are mostly new bloggers always do this and I was made this mistakes also.

I seen a niche which has high search volume and I choosed that but I don’t it is known about the difficulty but the difficulty of that was much higher and I was not got success on that particular niche.

I think you also do this mistake but how improve this issue?

First you need to work on a low difficult niche then you will get some better performance of your blog .

But you are in confusion how to select a low level then definitely I help you.

You have to only focus on those two essence which is given up to finding profitable niche for your blog.


  • Imagine that you can make money from that?
  • That niches related affiliate program or not?
  • Is that niche have good search volume of keywords or not?
  •  Is that niche have related many earning platform or not?


  • *Are you interested working with that niche?
  • * Can you share best articles on that niche?
  • * Can you do some better from others on that niche?
  • Mayebe now you can able to find the profitable niche for your blog after reading the above exact.

Let’s take some exercise to find a profitable niche by practically method.

  • Take the both pen and paper.
  •  Write down all things in which you are interested or in which you are passionate about. It could be such as ( self-improvement, personal Finance, SEO Tips and etc).
  • From the list find the niche which you liked most for your blog.

These are few steps to find out profitable niche for your blog.

6. Not Writting articles Continually?

There are many new bloggers who comes in this field without any knowledge.

They don’t know that blogging is not a quick rich scheme .

let , they make today a blog and write some articles till 20 days after that they does not get any results then that does not post regularly and after that It makes sure they will give up the blog.

So I want to say all the users that keep patience in blogging field to become a successful.
Because blogging wants with you only two things of your that is knowledge and patience .
if you have both of them then definitely you will succeed in blogging.
Also blogging wants to keep all that time updated your blog and regular write articles on your blog.
From this your regularity of writing contents in contents in continually.

I hope you understand about this and never in future repeat this mistakes.

7. Ignoring List Building

Many new bloggers that they does not give the value of list building? that is a big mistake.

Yes it’s right because I don’t know or not want to list building but believe me list building one of the proven way from you got more organic sales and traffic to your blog .

But what is the list building that right question?

List building mean email list building you want to collecting email who are interested in you and when you got more email list then you have targeted audience who are interested in your.

How to do email list building?

that’s a great question .

You need to make a subscribe button on your front page of your blog but make it attractive than more subscriber you get.

When I started blogging then I don’t believe it but when I was try by ourselves then they help and I am get amazing results from it so I recommend to you try this you will get more amazing results like me.

I also says to you never miss any opportunity for growing your blog.

8. Fanatical Backlinks Building

Oh! Are Building Backlinks too much hard for your blog?

I think that if you are a new blogger then definitely without any hasitate your answer is” Yes”. Ya its right and i am also agree with this.  But I thinkl all new bloggers are in misconceptions that when we building lots of backlinks then our blog is rank on the Google?

But May, Its your big mistake or wrong approach.

Many bloggers are who makes their blog today and with some blogpost, From the  next day they are  link building for their blog, And that’s why due to this reasons many bloggers’ does not get any types of results.

I am also try this method, I am do big mistakes from this. But from then,

I promised that first I provide daily valuable contents to our audience then my link buiding is auto piolot. We don’t need to link buiding.

So Now , I am recommended to you that stop link buidingh, first try to write valuble one articles which is must more than 2500 words.

I recommend to you that when on your blog have minimum 40-80 articles published then you can start link building for you blog.

Ansd if you want to create high quality relevant backlinks for your blog then i recommende to you start guest postinh. 

From this method you can get more growth results to your blog.

So, I hope that you known this and from now you do not focus on link building , whenever you not published minimum 40 to 80 articles with valuable contents.

9. Not Driving Socila Media Traffics

how to maximize social media traffic to your site

The most important problem of all bloggers is not getting enough  traffics?

But why they don’t get traffic on their blog?

Because of the main reason is that they does not use all social media platform to drive traffic on their blog. Most of them are depends on the only organic traffics.

But all newbie not know that they getting traffic from social media to boot their ranking on the google.

You might also know that google also loves indirectly the social media traffics.

S. I recommended to you from now start sharinh your articles on all social media platform to boost your ranking on google.

10. Don't Linking to Others

There are many newbie doesn’t know the blogging formula about GIVE and TAKE?

There are many bloggers want to backlinks from other blog without linking them to our blog.

But , If you are not linking on your blog to others then you have a tiny piece of chance to get backlink.

You can see Guideblogging  they links ot ohther then also get in return backlink .

When you starting linking on your blog post to others post links, then it definitely helps you to increase your ranking. And It build relationship between you and them.

11. Only Sharing Your Content

Hey, Are you sharing other blogger’s contents  reated to your niche?

I think many blogger’s answer is NO. 

Why Bloggers?

Are You selfish?

No-No, Its a naturally hobby og humans to be selfishness.

Like that if you ask me this question.

From my think of suggestion if you share others blogger’s content then it make relationship between you and  them to be better in future.

So if you making same mistake then I recomended to you stop it , Because i don’t helping you in others if you not stop it.

12. Boggle to invest in tools and plugins

I think  Every amateur blogger have  made this mistake,

Ya , I understand with your vision.

Because, I am also scare to invest money on these tools and on my learning.

Nut whenever i am not investin g it then I am not becaome a successful blogger but when i invested in then im get success. 

So i am also recommend to you invest some of the money in your learning and in these tools.

But you are in confussion in which tools you invest,

Do not worry, I help you. Here is the list given below

  1. SEMRush (All In One SEO Tool).
  2. Grammarly (Improving grammar mistakes).
  3. Elementor Pro Best Designing Tool).

These are the tools in which you can invest.

13. Not Researching Keywords

Are you researching keywords for your blog?

I think newbie bloggers answers No. that is the big mistakes.

You all know that keyword is the king .

I want to say to all if you want to get success in blogging then you need to do researching keyword. If you research keyword then also you research your growth.

And I want to say one think never give up . Because if you giveup then you are fail.

Now it's Your turn

In this post, I shared with you most terrible mistakes that amateur blogger make that every one  when they start a blog.

So, I think this article is helpful for you .

One Request: Is this article helpful for you?

If “Yes” then please let me know via comment below.

Thank You and Good Luck!

Updated on October 13, 2020

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