Blogger VS WordPress Platform For Blogging

There are many bloggers who are in confusion that which platform is best to start a blog in 2020.

They confused which platform choosing Blogger Or WordPress.

I think also its your problem so so let’s talk about

and WordPress.

I always says to you it’s your choice because both of them are best to starting a blog in beginning.


When the blogging world start then the first platform was Blogger which is provided by the Google. You all know that Google is one of the trusted multi technology company in the world and it has many resources in which Blogger is of them. So now you knew that the Blogger platform is provided by Google.

Features Of Blogger Platform

There are many good features available but some are bad. In this you cannot get full customization option for your blog. It is a free platform so that this is the best for the beginners because in the starting they doesn’t have budget to start a blog by their custom domain name. 

If you want to customize your blog on this thenyou don’t have more options otherwise you need to do coding to customize your blog. But we cannot say that it is not best, it is best.

It depends on you that, you choose it or not.


WordPress is the new platform after Blogger. In the past of 10 to 15 ago, peoples do blogging as a hobby on the blogger Platform. But at this time peoples take it as a profession because Blogging is one of the biggest career option those who want to earn money online.

There are many peoples who doesn’t able to take WordPress  platform for their platform. But if you really get success in it then I recommended to you Start your blog on wordpress.

Features Of WordPress

To using WordPress you will get lots of features and you don’t need to coding like blogger platform to customize your Blog as a problogger or professionally that attract to the users.

You will get many plugins for making better to your blog. And in this you get many – many features. 

So, these are two platform from which you can start your blog. From blogger, you can your blog for free but FromWordpress you need to invest it then you can start your blog on it.

If you are getting success in this field then you are are definitely choose or transfer your blog to the WordPress.

Wrapping  Up

Through this tutorial, I am fully explained that which platform is best to start a blog and get succeed in it. So, I think you understood from it. If you understood with it then express your thought about this tutorial via comment.


Who Is Blogger?
This is best question for you “Who is Blogger? “

The person who are doing writing articles published it on their blog, they are not bloggers.

Bloggers are who provide a valuable contents to the users that helps them easily . Those persons known as blogger.

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