19 Amazing Blogging Tips & Tricks For Newbie Bloggers


Blogging is just not easy, like as a student not be fully perfect if he is not guided by the teacher so like this as a newbie blogger if they not guided by the well-played blogger then blogging is like so hard for him.

Do you know that daily up to hundreds of new bloggers appear in this field, but some are only following the strategy and right method to make branding their blog.  Also many newbie bloggers not know-How can become successful bloggers.

And the new blogger’s mistakes increase.  But if you want to change your blogging game this year then it’s good.

So, Now fresh yourself because this post should go long.

In this post, I’ll show you 19 Intelligent tips & tricks for newbie Bloggers.

I want to say that also you bookmark it for the later because from this you will get an unbelievable value.

Without wasting your valuable time let’s dive in it.

1. Spend Times On learning

spent times on learning

Here, I am not talking about school, college learning. Here I am talking about blogging learning on different – different blogs. 

Everyone wants to become a successful blogger in this blogosphere and they start their blog for the purpose of make money online from their blog. 

But how could they do that when they do not know how to being a blogger? The main thing that they not spend more times on their learning about what is exactly blogging.

So, The main purpose is to spend a minimum of 30% of your whole time learning.

Because, if a blogger spends their initial time learning the basic skills of blogging like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, writing etc. then definitely these skills will work for their blog to grow the next level and also the success of yours.

To learn those topics like SEO, Content marketing, Social media marketing then you can definitely learn  these topics on Edugayans by browsing these topics on it.

2. Be Honest About Your Blog

Be honest with your blog

Honesty leads to a fulfilling, free life. Honesty is not just about telling the truth. It’s about being real with yourself and others about who you are, what you want and what you need to live your most authentic life.

So, Now like it blogging is the main tool with the help of this you can express your thought to the world. It’s a way to express also yourself to the world. It could be in the form of like video, text, audio, or another through medium.

When you are honest about the blog and also yourself then on your blog reaches will definitely increase because people always most like honest people, they trust on him and also they respect him and their work for being more honest.

Be honest about yourself is most important because being honest improves your thought process, knowledge sharing, quality of your thinking and so on. Blogging is just like for our family members, friends, neighbors, or others, it’s for all of us because all bloggers like as a family you can see about it in the next few tips.

A Blogger should assume that blogging is his life’s important part by which they help the people of the globe to give valuable knowledge. 

I suggest you implement this tip in your next piece of post to staying honest at the time to writing your blog post , and make it more interesting, unique and knowledgeable and would never make it boring. It not show your honestness.

So, from now make a promise by yourself that when ever you write your blog post, staying honest and keep it knowledgeable and valuable for the readers.

But, To be honest with your blog post you first need to being honest with yourself. Because you ever listen the proverb ” LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE SEEING OTHERS”

Be true to yourself and it helps to be honest with your blog.

3. Create Niche Based Blog

The main commonest mistakes of the bloggers that are selecting high difficulty which is not their niche-based and we also try to start blog on the different niches.
 I was made these mistakes also. When I Edugayans, I always tried to cover many topics like blogging, tech, and others.

But after many times spend, I selected a  niche, and now, Since I blog about it and this blog growth is increasing day by day.

Starting a niche based blog is a way to get a targeted audience or subscribers that is every blogger wants.

This tip really will have worked if you implement it by yourself for your blog.

4. Write Daily Blog Post (Consistency)


Writing must be the main and most important hobbit for a blogger.  Those who are like to writing then for that blogging is most suitable. If you not interested in writing then you will soon bored with it. More you write daily you experience will increased and you will become better writer.

 Google loves fresh contents (Those blogs on which fresh contents published). Content is the king.  Some time as a blogger there is no possible to do consistency but it is must for a blogger. Make your daily time-table for your blog and publish a knowledgeable post daily.

5. Stay  Focused On Your Blog

As we mentioned above that consistency is most important for a blogger. As like it you must stay focused on your blog.

At the time of exam you only focus on your exam still all else you forget. Just like it you must forget everything else at the of writing your blog post , only you focus on it.

“Whenever you want to write something about any topic, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you write about. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” “Focus on your topics which you are write, not your think other.

I think you must give your 100% on your blog because it would must change your life in the success and your hard works will also change in happiness.

I will tell you that forget all the else of your life for 3-4 months and believe me it will help you to live a decent life with your blog.

6. Never copy the contents

19 Amazing Blogging Tips & Tricks For Newbie Bloggers 1

You know, many bloggers when they start their blog and also me when start this blog then I follow others blogs who already succeed in this field and I copy their blog post and I am sure that this mistake make many new bloggers.

To copy others blog post,you will never rank. So, make and write your own contents and blog posts not copy others.

Providing unique content is also a way to rank the blog posts in the search results.

7. Write Unique contents

19 Amazing Blogging Tips & Tricks For Newbie Bloggers 2

Google ranks those posts which is unique. Unique means different from others. And in blogging well known that “CONTENT IS KING”.  Never to copy others.

 More unique contents more visitors. If you copy others contents then you will lose your ranking and also you will be banned from the search engines and no one likes to read any copied posts or contents.

One unique blog post is equal to the 10 copied posts.

8. Use External Links

Blog or blog posts trust is most important. According to search algorithem, If a blog or their blog post linked to the other authority and trusted blog then the chances of ranking will also increase.

>>>>>>Increase Your Domain Authority

By using external links you can make trust of you blog and also make better relationship with other bloggers. As linking others blog trust factor made between them.

So, don’t be hesitate to link others on your blog.

9. Use image for all Headings (with alt text).

Using infographics or image is the ranking factor for a blog. In this era peoples most like infographics  and infografics are most share on the social media (like intagram, facebook, twitter etc). Peoples love it.

Whatever you use heading in a post, make images of all those headings and put it under the headings with the use of that headings alt text on that image.

10. Grammar Mistakes

19 Amazing Blogging Tips & Tricks For Newbie Bloggers 3

Writing post on any topics is good but making grammar mistakes is always gives the very bad user experience and also it affects on page seo. So, if you belongs to India and you make some mistakes then make changes in your English languages.

To avoid grammartical mistakes , I suggest to use Grammarly Chrome Extension for bloggers. It is a free and also a pro Extension. It will definitely improves your grammartical mistakes.

11. Make Patience And Passion

19 Amazing Blogging Tips & Tricks For Newbie Bloggers 4

In the start, many bloggers who are new, they think that blogging is not tough. But Blogging is not just a quick rich scheme from that anyone will become rich in few weeks or months.

Blogging needs patience and hard work. Those who know that blogging is a quick rich scheme then I give my personal opinion that they leave it because in this they will only lost their times.

 Blogging is those for who spend their valuable and be passionate about it. And also spent their 1000% in it.

If you make patience and be passionate about your blog and do hard work then I promise that one day you will become successful blogger.

12. Build Blogging Strategy

19 Amazing Blogging Tips & Tricks For Newbie Bloggers 5

Doing blogging is think easy when you build some strategy for your blog. I am talking about here linkbuiding. Linkbuilding strategy helps your blog post ranking. Build your linkbuiding strategy and akso try always to make backlinks  from the authoritative site.

To building backlinks from the authoritative site, Goolge’s trust also increases. So make proper Blogging strategy.

13. Share Your Posts On Social Media

Writing a post and published it on their blog is just not end the work of the blogger for that post. After that blogger always share that post on social media.

To most sharing a blog post is also the ranking factor.So, a blogger must always share their post on all social medias.

14.  Use Killer Tittle

Blog post’s tittle engages a person to read your blog post. Use killer blog tittle that definitely increase user’s engagement on that post.

Blogpost is the first thing of your blog that is seen by the users.

15. Make Your Blog User Friendly

Google always see the user friendly and it also a ranking factor.

If your blog looks user friendly then it could be better for the readers. User Friendly blog post never be bored a reader.

16. Find The Right Topic For Your Blog Post

As I already metioned that for a new blogger the main thing is their blog post that how they write their blog post. In this cases you might to find the right topics for your blog and also in which you have already knowledge and your are able to write about them.

Because if you not find write topic for your blog post then I am sure that you will also not interested in it.

17. Research Content Ideas About Your Post

If you decided to write a post on a particular topic and that topic you have already chosen, Then after it must need to research content ideas and analyze those blog’s who have already published on that keyword.

Try to give more knowledge as comparsion to them.

18. Use Guestposting

To getting authortive backlinks from authoritive sites you need to do guest posting. By doing guest posting you can get do-follow backlinks for your blog.

19. Reply Comments On Your Posts

Once your blog post rank on the search results and you getting comments on you post then as a bloggers work read those comments and reply each comment. 

Those problems users asked in the comments you try to give that problem solution. It should increase those persons trust on your blog.


Updated on November 8, 2020

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