Google Adsense How to get adsense approval?

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Hi there I am sure that you are search how to get Adsense approval on Google and all other platform from where you can get your answer easily. So through this post I am telling all reasons why you doesn’t get adsense approval or why Google Adsense not approve your blog. And also in this Article I am also giving you some tips from which you can get Adsense approval easily. But if you follow all these steps then you get approval. So without wasting your time lets focus on our main topic. So lets start.

What is Google Adsense?

So First we know What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a earning platform from which you can earn money online by showing ads on your site. And why adsense give your money by showing ads on your blog?
This question is most important for you that because on your blog it shows ads.
Google says that if you give to my users best unique contents then they have no issue but if your contents are copyright matching with others then much problem you will be face.


Why your blog not get approval of Google Adsense?

Now I am telling with you why your blog not get approval of Google Adsense.


First Reason

The First region is make sure you never copied or copy any others contents. Like as take an example let us you want to post an Article related to affiliate marketing. You go on Google and search what is affiliate marketing? And some results come on those you open anyone copy their Content and paste on your blog. That is not your unique contents. It is copyright Content which is copy from others. And that is voilate Google Adsense Policy.


Second Reason

Second reason is that Speed of your site. If the speed of your site speed is low then your Adsense approval chance is low. But why Adsense matter to our site speed.
It is because if any your user open your site but it takes more than above minutes. So then Google ads not able toto Show on your site.

 Third Reason

The third reason is under construction your site. Make sure if you are constructing your site right now than after few weeks apply for adsense approval for your blog. Many users are fastly want to get approval but they make big mistake that is at the time of constructing their site they apply for adsense.

Forth Reason

Fourth reason is already existing adsense account or double adsense account problem. It Show when you apply for adsense approval First Time by your gmail and you not get approval after you also apply adsense approval by another gmail to same Gmail. That is also voilate adsense Policy. Google adsense Policy says that we are give adsense approval one account per person not more than one.

Google adsense-How these issues you can fix easily or get approval fast?

First when you create your website try to take good hosting such as Linux or siteground hosting these are the best hosting which are give fast speed.

 1.Never purchase low level domain like as . tk, . xyz on these you never get adsense approval but you can also get on because it is google’s product.

2.Make sure you post on your blog unique articles from which your adsense approval chances are more and more.
3.Never make two account on one name.
4.Create your site full mobile friendly and Looking professional.

 I hope you will get all your questions answer related to adsense approval . So if you have any queries related to anything then comment me and also subscribe our site for more interesting and knowledgeable queries related to Blogging, Google adsense, SEO, Article writing and many more topics.


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