How To Change Your WordPress Admin Login URL For More Security


Through One of the most common hacking on the WordPress blog is attacking through the WordPress dashboard login. It is including login details such as your wp username, password with the help of these a hacker attempts to hack your WordPress dashboard.

You know what’s the most common reason that is common wordpress login URL or login  by this common wp login url ,most of the hackers get started with brute force attacking which is now days most common hacking system in these days for any wordpress blog.  But in your mind that “How To Secure Your WordPress Blog Fro The Hackers” Right!

A lots of security plugins are available which is also free by using these you can easily secure your wordpress blog from the brute force attacking. And laos you must need to change your wordpress login url by your own url. By doing this any hackers not able to hack you wordpress blog through your wp login url and it helps to decreases the chances of attacks on your blog.

So, To seeing many blogger’s blog hacking problem, in this post I will be sharing with you that “How To Change The WordPress Login URL” by using some of the most useable wordpress security plugin which helps secure and prevent attacks on your blog.

Also, in the ending of this post I have shared some security resourses which helps your blog prevent form attacks on your entire site. And that security will be extraordinary for your blog.

So, without delay your valuable time, let’s go to learn about some best security plugins which helps to change your blog wp login url.

So, Let’s dive in it.

How To Change WP Login URL Through WPS Hide Login Plugin

WPS Hide URL is a simplest and lightest plugin which helps to change any wordpress login URL to the custom URL. By using this pugin on your blog the wp-admin directory and wp-login.php page become inaccessible. So after changing your wp login URL you must bookmarked your login url.

Now, let’s know that how insall and setup it.

Simply you can install this plugin by searching “WPS Hide Plugin” from your wordpress “Add New “ from your wordpress dashboard plugin section. So by doing like this you install this plugin.

After intstalled this plugin and activated it on your wordpress, you needs to go to Setting > General to change your login URL.

admin url

You can in the above-given figure, you can put anything in the first blank space, it would your own and that’s would be your wp new login URL. For example as per according to the above screenshot: which is a new wp-admin login URL and by doing this previous login URL automatically working stopped.

But remember by changing your wp admin login location to your custom login URL you must need to remember or bookmarked it to avoid forgetting your login URL.

And also, with the help of this plugin you can redirect if any person access to your given redirection page by filling your page URL in the second blank space of WPS Hide login plugin.

This way makes your blog advanced secures from brute forces attacks. If you think that Is this plugin also changes any types of thing in your wordpress then I want to tell you that it doesn’t changed or renamed any types of cores or other files on your blog.


I hope that with the help of this article you are easily learn that How you can change your wp login url your custom made wp admin login url.  And I want to tell you that for the better wordpress security purpose this is the great method to avoid some types of hacks or attacks on your wp blog.

Share this article to those who needs to secure their blog blogs from the security by helping them and tell through comment section that how this articles helps you to secure your wp blog.

Updated on December 17, 2020

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