How to create a money making blog website?


Now days many people search on Google and other search engines that “How to earn money online” and then they for many results such as through affiliate marketing,digital marketing, start a YouTube channel , Freelancing and Blogging. So in all these earning methods most trusted and profitable platform to earn money online is Blogging.

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So what you learn today . Today you learn all the platform from where you can earn money online. Today I am sharing with you following online platform to earn money online which are given below.


11.Affiliate Marketing
12.Digital Marketing
13.CPA Marketing
14.Email marketing
15. SEO expert

These online earning platform which is doing by anyone in the world. These are the most trusted online earning platform in the world . These are platform available all over the world such as any country like South Korea , United Arab Emirates , and all total countries in the world.


                 Blogging is on of the biggest career option for those who want to do some amazing their life and want to earn money. Blog is a way from which you can fullfill your all dreams and needs. The person who do blogging is know as blogger. Blogging means writing valuable high-quality unique contents on any niche in which you are most interested. But can you guess at any time it is easy to do. No it is not easy to do blogging. If you want to do blogging then you will have to do hard work with smart work.

If you have talent to do better than some others and you are able to keep patience then right you are able to do blogging. But if you are not accept those conditions then blogging is not all for you because it is not job that in this I am not totally interested but do some. No never blogging is totally different from other source .

Blogging platform is provided by the world’s biggest and trusted multitechnology company Google. When it launch this services then on this competition was very low but after few years on this platform competition is day by day increasing. And now on this platform competition is too high because most of the person’s choosing blogging as their career not choose any jobs. Because then you do any jobs then you follow boss instruction and suggestions. But if you do blogging then you are your own boss not to do any work under anyone.

What are the most important skills to do blogging?

 If you have some skill like as think better and do better than other, content writing, then you become blogger but when you do hard work then it is possible.

So Now I am telling you some privacy policy of Google for those whose do blogging or want to blogging . So the Google privacy policy says that on ranking your site if you provide highquality unique content to our users and your site is completely looking good then first we craw your site again we will be rank your site on Google search engine. Now after know what is Blogger ? We will sharing with you How to Make a Blog Website?

How to create a money making blog?

For making a blog website there are many ways to make a blog site. Such as Blogger, WordPress, Wix etc. But most famous is only two Blogger and wordpress. By step by step I am show you how to make it in coming paragraphs? So first You want to know what are these platform and how they work to making a blog site?


Blogger is the platform from where you can make your site for free it is provided by the own Google . When google came in the world in 1998 then there are not infinite numbers of blogs are website are available on the internet. But some years gone by when Google launced their service Blogger then not much competition.

In the beginning on this platform few peoples know about it. And they take it for their hobby. They write on the blogger their daily routine, Hobby, or something about  them. On those days not many peoples know about it  and also they was not known that form their blog they earm money. Goolge launch Goole adsense in 2003 to earn money their users from their blogs.

By the days gone from when to then there are lots of people using blogger to make money from their blogs to using Google adsense.  But nows days not many people want to use blogger because on this not more option available for customizing their blog website or making someposts. Because wordpress give much options to create your blog site. Only few peoples used blogger for their blog website because in the beginning they have not lots of money. But after when they earn some money they transfer their blog on the wordpress.

Its not that blogger is not best. It is best but it not give more option to create or post your blog. And at the time of customization if you don’t know coding then you are not able to do this. But at this time blogger fully changed . There is no need to know coding for customizing your blog.

Now lets begin to forward to WordPress.


It is the best platform from where you can customize your blog. There is know must to need to know coding But if you know then it is better for you in future to making professional looks your site. But one condition  is appear to get wordpress first you must take a domain name and host it on any hosting platfor so it is not free.

Lets talk abou what is domain name and hosting.

Domain name

Domain name is the name of your blog website. It is provided many companies. Domain name are many types such as .com/ .in/.us /.co/ .net and many types these are most used. You must to choose your domain name to related to your niche. Niche means which topics want to related to your blog such as technology, education, health, cookies and so on. For example I choose my niche technology then I want to purchase domain name . Same as you can easily choose your domain name .


Hosting is the platform where you can host your website. Let us take an example. Let you shoot many photos on your mobile then if in your mobile no store then where you store you store your photos maybe in sdcard and sd card is maybe 2gb, 4gb and so on. Same as hosting for your site it gives store not only it gives storage but it also gives more thing for your blog. When you purchase hosting plan for your blog then you get cpanel to control your domain name after that you must install wordpress through cpanel. After doing these process you get your wordpress for you site after that you will get full access to control your blog website through wordpress. And install more plugins from it.

Wordprees gives your all much following things which are given below

  1. Much no. of themes
  2. Many no. of plugins
  3. Much no. of customization
  4. Time to time get updates for your plugins and themes
  5. You can use any types of themes or plugin which is suitable for you
  6. it gives much option to customize your site fully professional no need coding.

How to purchase domain name and Hosting

Search after this you will redirect on godday platform it is the india biggest platform for providing Domain name and hosting. and Hostinger just click down below.

How to create a money making blog website? 1

How to create blog on blogger?

  1. Search on the google.
  2. After doing that you get on a page then
  3. Click on the  create a blog button which s given on the right corner of the page.
  4. After doing that write your blog tittle and enter. then
  5. You get a new page on this write your blog address and click ok.
  6. After doing this you are succefully created your blog site.


Hey there I hope that this article is more helpful for you because i am complrtly guide to you what is blogging and how to do it. if you want to get more information about anything realted to technology  or mostly related to blogging then comment me .  how to create money making blog?



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