How To Purchase Domain And Hosting

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Do you want to know How to purchase  domain and hosting to start a blog?

There are many people who want to start their blog and earn money from it.

If you Don’t know about How to start a blog then here is the fu guidance which helps you to Grow your blog.

There are many more people’s who don’t know about this.

So in this post I am fully guide you that there
How to purchase a domain name and hosting.
Also we tell you from two platforms.

But after purchasing domain name and hosting for your blog, you need to understand about what is domain name?
And what is hosting.


After knowing it, You can easily able to purchase domain name and hosting for your blog.
so let’s know about it.

WebHosting-(Provider):- A place where all your blog which are stored and they showinhg your blog lives when any one try to access that.

And, Website Like Just number of files.

It is like as the theharddisk of your computer where you stored your all files( images, videos, posts and many more) and it kept your all these data very securly. With hosting there would be not website.

Domain Name:  Domain name is the name where when your readers type in their wany webbrowsers such as GoogleBing,– how to start a blog now.

For your need to buy a domain name for your blog which you choosed up.

Lets take some example of your domain

  1. HTTPS://    (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
  2. WWW.         (The Subdomain Of your blog site).
  3. Edugayans  ( Such as Domain Name of Your Blog).
  4. .com              (Top Level Domain- TLD ).

Now I think , I am sure that you are thinking that which type hosting is best for you? Right.


Don’t worry!

I will fully Guide  You by the process given below:

But, there are tons of tons Webhosting by using that you acn start your blog.


So, Instead of tons of hosting provider, I Highly recommended two platforms for the beginners. 

The First one is Namecheap and the second another is the Sitegroung hosting platform.


These are the two good hosting platform. The best work of there is they provide fast speed loading time. .They Prove you 24×7 support with live chat. Also it is not more costly. So choose anyone from both of them.

Hey, Are  you excited to start your blogging Business,

If yes, then  Let’s dive in,. 


For purchasing web hosting and domain name for your blog follow the steps which are given below:How to start a blog?

Step 1: Click on the Special offer link for starting your First blog.

How To Start A Blog in 2020 (Step by Step) 2

I would Recommended to you with Startup plan. Click on the get started button.

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your blog.

How To Start A Blog in 2020 (Step by Step) 3

Pick the domain name, which is easy in all.
Let take an example, if you take interests in opening a job blog and you are decided your blog name is latest job so then you can go with the domain name

And still, you have not picked your domain for your blog, so I Recommended to you read the domain section where we full explained. After reading that you have many ideas to choose your domain.

Step 3: Fill The Information Of Your Account

How To Start A Blog in 2020 (Step by Step) 4

Now, fill your all details correctly which required. These details make your siteground account.

Step 4: Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Details

How To Start A Blog in 2020 (Step by Step) 5

You have must to fill credit and debit card details to purchase your domain and hosting for your blog.

Step 5: Confirm The Terms And Conditions & Click On The Pay Button

How To Start A Blog in 2020 (Step by Step) 6

It will be taking some minutes for siteground to ready with your web hosting account and you will get your domain is ready.

Wait some minutes, then you will check your email box for important details related to your site ground account.

After that,

You’re done

Read & Lead

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