How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step)


Do you want to know “How to start a blog in 2021? “

That’s a Good Idea,

It’s your best decision to start a Blog from now.

Here’s a deal that how you can start a blog step by step?

There are lots of bloggers who are already successful in Blogging because they were able to leave their job behind, and Travel the whole world and generate a full-time passive income from blogging. But before knowing it, I want to say something to you.

“If you want to work by yourself to earn money and leave your job or Travel the world then blogging makes it possible.

And If you want to make passive income through blogging, then that’s helps you to live life and work like a Boss. So starting a blog from now is the First step and it is vital to step that leads you to the way of success in blogging.

These are possible for anyone to do blogging and they can get many benefits from blogging.

First, you start your a blog  today and making form this step to the path for your success in it. 

Here’s the full guide that is divided into several steps to start the money-making blog that helps you to make your blog and with some tips to make a profitable blog.

To start a blog is not more Sophisticated at all, but most important guides all you need for starting a profitable blog in 2021.

But, before starting the process of making a profitable passive Income generating Blog.

I think some of all you are thinking that why we would start a blog in 2021

I would always partial to say you, the year 2021 is the golden opportunity to starting a blog and grow it up because the days gone by blogging is becoming tough, So if you started today then you have occasion/chance, then after someone who will start it later than you.

Now, I am pretty sure that you got an idea that why you started a blog in 2021 and how it helps you to fulfill your all dreams.


Let’s find out,

To start a blog niche is the most important part of making a succesful blog.

Keep in mind this is the most crucial part, and many of these new beginners are persist at this important point.

You all need to know that there are 99% of bloggers leave blogging starting 5 – 6 months because they picked that niche which they don’t intense about.

If you want to create a blog that anyone reads then make a blog which is talks about everything.

It is difficult,

Because not picking the best niche for your blog to a great way to lose the chase in the beginning.

Niche is like a topic which you cannot choose easily, this not a simple and easy topic because they have many topics in it.

Now, Are you still confused?

Forgiving you some more confidence in this idea, let take some of the examples about niches,

That’s those niches from the beginning and new those niches worth millions of dollars.

  • Baclinko: Brain Dean, an Internet marketing expert was started this blog Baclinko and it grew one of the most popular SEO blogs on the internet only by taking about SEO and Backlinks. The reason for his blog by picking the right niche for his blog.

         Let me talk about some other popular bloggers such as:

  • ShoutMeLoud: Harsh Aggrawal the founder of ShoutMeLoud, His blog is the most famous website to teaches about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, and more related to Blogging. Like everything about blogging. Also, they help lots of bloggers to succeed in this field. 


Don’t believe me? See this –

how to start a blog
ShoutMeLoud's Blogging Earning Report

The above graph of earning is from a blog post-ShoutMeLoud, also you can See that Harsh Aggrawal. Makes $400+ at the beginning of their blog. This proves that you need to be patience to be a successful blogger. 

It shows that the picking right niche and interest-based niche helps your blog scale.

There are lots of blog examples like this, t I can show, but I think you got a suitable idea that how niche is more essential for a profitable blog.

At this time, there are more and more niches from which you can start your blog.

But don’t try to overcomplicate things by marketing value, size, volume, etc because if you don’t interest in those niches, then if you start a blog on those niches then, I am pretty sure you will be bored and leave blogging.

So just choose a niche in which you are interested in and started blogging.

But you don’t know Right.

So, let me tell you by one Fail-Proof method to find out the best suitable/profitable or interest-based niche for you. That will help you easily to find your interest-based niche.

See the given figure carefully,

Find profitable Niche

You have to only focus on that three essences which are given up to finding a profitable niche for your blog. and I have also explained it below.


  • Imagine that you can make money from that?
  • That niches related to affiliate programs or not?
  • Is that niche have a good search volume of keywords or not?
  •  Is that niche have related to many earning platforms or not?


  • Are you interested in working with that niche?
  • Can you share the best articles on that niche?
  •  Can you do some better from others on that niche?
  • Maybe now you can able to find the profitable niche for your blog after reading the above extract.


  • Are you have a lot of knowledge.
  • Are you able to share your knowledge with others through your blog?

Let’s take some exercise to find a profitable niche by practically method.

  • Take the both pen and paper.
  •  Write down all things in which you are interested or in which you are passionate about. It could be such as ( self-improvement, personal Finance, SEO Tips and etc).
  • From the list find the niche which you liked most for your blog.

These are few steps to find out profitable niche for your blog.

 Once you have picked a niche for your blog in mind, move on the next step:

Step 2: Pick a Name For Your Blog

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 2
Choose Unique Name For Your Blog

 To selecting the website name is not very tough , Most of the people waste much time to choose their new blog name.

To select the domain name for your blog is easy.

But If you already decided name for your blog then skip this Point.


If you not select your blog name then this is for you.

Here are the some tips which helps to find your blog name-

*Keep it Simple and Short: Try to your blog name or domain name like short,

The shorter the better, do not make long because then its not easy to pronounciation. And choose your blog name like as simple because for the people’s its easy to remember. (The blog Barking Up The Wrong Tree started by Eric Barker on the domain name

*Don’t use numbers- Keep in mind never use numbers in your blig name because it is not easy to remember.
*Use keywords- On the time of chossing the name of your blog make sure your main keyword in your domain name because it help you in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
*Use TLD Extension: I Highly recommend to you use domain Extension for your blog like .com, .net, .co etc.

But If you are still not able to figure out any of the name for your blog, then by using the domain name finder Tool to find your brandable domain name. LearnDomainSearch.

how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog how to start a blog

Note here, Which blogging platform should you choose?

I am here not taking much time to explain which platform best for your blog in short.

There are more and more blogging free and paid platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Ghost and many more but I recommend to you use WordPress?

But Why WordPress?

Because it is very easy to use, in other platform you don’t have many options to access edit or customize your blog like as professionally.

In wordpress, you can more and more option like as you get many plugins and themes by using these you would make your blog Awesome.

So maybe you get an idea to why WordPress is good for your blog.

In this tutorial, I Shall fully guide you by starting a blog through WordPress.

Let’s going to the next step to create your blog. If you want to know more about to start a money making blog then continue reading.

Step 3: Find a Web Hosting Provider and Get a Domain Name For Your Blog

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 3
Choose a hosting for your blog.

 For making a passionate blog, you might choose Webhosting and Domain,

I think you don’t know about both of them, but wait, let me full guide and tell you about this.

So, let’s Dive into it, 

WebHosting-(Provider):- A place where all your blog which are stored and they showing your blog lives when anyone tries to access that.

And, Website Like Just number of files.

It is like the hard disk of your computer where you stored your all files( images, videos, posts, and many more) and it kept all these data very securely. With hosting there would be not website.

Domain Name:  Domain name is the name where when your readers type in their wany web browsers such as Google, Bing.

For your need to buy a domain name for your blog which you chose up.

Let’s take some example of your domain

  1. HTTPS://    (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
  2. WWW.         (The Subdomain Of your blog site).
  3. Edugayans  ( Such as Domain Name of Your Blog).
  4. .com              (Top Level Domain- TLD ).

Now I think, I am sure that you are thinking that which type of hosting is best for you? Right.

Don’t worry!

I will fully Guide  You by the process given below:

But, there are tons of tons of Webhosting by using that you can start your blog.

So, Instead of tons of hosting providers, I Highly recommended two platforms for beginners. 

The first one is Hostinger and the second is the Hostgator hosting platform.

These are the two good hosting platform. The best work of there is they provide fast speed loading time. .They Prove you 24×7 support with live chat. Also, it is not more costly. So choose anyone from both of them.

Hey, Are  you excited to start your blogging Business,

If yes, then  Let’s dive in, 

For purchasing web hosting and domain name for your blog follow the steps which are given below:

First you need to go on Hostgator.

Step 1: Click on the Special offer link for starting your First blog.

Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-1

I would Recommended to you with Hatchling plan. Click on the get Buy Now button.

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your blog.

Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-1
Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-2

Pick the domain name, which is easy in all.
Let take an example, if you take interests in opening a job blog and you are decided your blog name is latest job so then you can go with the domain name

And still, you have not picked your domain for your blog, so I Recommended to you read the domain section where we full explained. After reading that you have many ideas to choose your domain.

Step 3: Fill The Information Of Your Account

Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-3
Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-3

Now, fill your all details correctly which required. These details make your Hostgator Account.

Step 4: Enter Your Billing Information

Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-4

You have must to fill credit and debit card details to purchase your domain and hosting for your blog.

Step 5: Enter Cupon Code & Review Order Details & Proceed

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 4
Buy Domain Name & Hosting (Hostgator)-5

It will be taking some minutes for Hostgator to ready with your web hosting account and you will get your domain is ready.

Wait some minutes, then you will check your email box for important details related to your siteground account.

After that,

You’re done

Then, login to your Hostgator fill filling your username and password.


Lets move to the next step.

Step 4: Setup WordPress For Your Blog

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 5

Now You will also redirect to your wordpress dashboard but next time when you want to access your account then you want to enter your login details like username and password and click on log in button.


For login your wordpress dashboard remember the url given below:

Means replace place to your domain name after Doing that fill correctly your log in details and click on login then you get your wordpress dashboard

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 6

Step 5: Pick a Suitable Theme For Your Blog

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-17 at 8.42.08 PM

After installing Your wordpress dashboard, you need to change Your default Theme.

The default theme is on Your Blog is just like a simple and optimized for the blogging.

Your blogs definitely needs to grabbed the attention of the user and it concentrate to the contents.
In the blogging platform, the design of the Blog is much matter because if your Blog doesn’t have a Great design then makesure you will lose lots of audience and traffics.

Great design of your Blog helps to Make trust to your Blog towards your Blog reader.

Still , if you want to succeed your Blog then you need Great design for your Blog.

Although there are lots are themes are available in the wordpress but they are not good for you. I would recommend to you best Theme is Generate press.

But this theme is not free. It is very Easy to use to customize your Blog easily like professionally.

There are lots of premium theme available in the market but all are not good.

So Finally Which Theme is best for You?

I use the best Theme GeneratePress , which is as light Theme and it loads your site very fast, Also I like the designation of this Theme and many pro bloggers are using this theme to Growing their audience.

Now How To install Generatepress Theme?

First all, Make sure logged in your wordpress dashboard.

1. Click on the appearance section and select themes menu

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 7

2. Click On Add New Theme.

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 8

3. Now, Select a theme and  click on active

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 9

Now, click on customize button and Customize your site

Its depend on you How you want to See your site or customize?

What’s Next?

Now, you have made your Blog then what’s next?

Now, start adding contents on your Blog.

Step 6: Some Important Plugins For Your Blog

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 10

Without having plugins for your WordPress, your blog is nothing because plugins help your bog make easy. There are lots of best plugins that are currently available on WordPress and also in these plugins I am personally for my blog. And that is my favorite plugins for my blog which makes my blog autopilot.

Do you want to know my favorite lists of plugins?

Here are the lists of some important plugin which I am currently using:

Elementor: Elementor is one of the best and useable designing plugin which is used by millions of people. By using this you can easily customize your blog as professionally. Using it you have both of the options customize with coding and without coding. 

Thrive Architect: Thrive Architect is one of the best and useable designing plugin which is used by millions of people. By using this you can easily customize your blog as professionally. Using it you have both of the options customize with coding and without coding. 

RankMath SEO: RankMath SEO is a Search Engine Optimization Plugin that helps your blog to improve your blog SEO score which helps you to improve your ranking in the search results.

Google Site Kit: Google Sitekit plugin is provided by Google which shows your blog analytics, search console, page speed, and also google Adsense results.

Akismet Anti-Spam: Anti-spam plugin prevents your blog from spammers by registering or leaving comments. 

How To Install These Plugins On The WordPress?

To install these plugins on your WordPress you need to follow some steps:

  1. First, you need to log in to your WordPress.
  2. Go to the Plugins section.
  3. Click on add new plugin.

So these are some important plugins which help you to grow your blog

Step 7: Write Your Valuable Post And Publish On Your Blog

Now this time to write valuable content for your blog. So write valuable contents for your blog and publish it.

Bonus: Important Tips

How to Know all sections of WordPress for adding posts?

Hey Future Bloggers,

If you don’t understand about all sections of wordpress that How to write article then Dont’t worry. Edugayans Blogging Always helps you. 

So Know about it.

We will explain about it through some figures which are given below:-

When you logged UP on your wordpress dashboard then you got your wordpress dashboard like as the upper given figure.

When you are all done after that you need write article on your blog but first I think before writing article on your blog you should know about wordpress dashboard , so when you enter on your website to wordpress dashboard you will get some like this look which is given up in figure . Where are you see all short about your plugin overview such as analytic and so on after that lets go forward.


How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 11

 This is your wordpress post section where you get all post and you also get to add new post when you click on post section. Also You get a new section where you get four options that the first one is like as all post and second one is likewise add new post and third is like as the section of categories and fourth is like as that tags where used used tags in your post.

All posts mean where your all articles have been posted.

Add new section means you need to add new post for your blog.

Categories means which types of your post like as if you posted related to carrier than your category is carrier.

Tags means it is like as category means it is your choice .after knowing about post section let’s know about every part of add new post section. 

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 12

1. It is the first section of add new post where you get a six points.

First is add new section like as add paragraph, add image and so on the second one is a detection from where you can edit your posts are the third and fourth are forward and backward button . Fifth one is (i) button from you got all information about how many words you write your post or which paragraph you used in your post or you can say all elements which you use in your post.

2. This is the public instruction that which type of Editing plugin used for your blog here in that figure are you can see that there are two plugins on the first one is launched thrive architect,

 and the second one is editor with elementor these are two places which are best for customising your ad post aur your website but it is also free and premium.

3. It is a third section of add new post where you at your post title such as may be I think when you post about technology than your title is technology related that always keep in mind which related your post that related is your title

4. The fourth section which you can see in the figure is the field where you write your articles in greed wise of paragraph or you can add many blocks and such other it is the fourth section.

5. In V section there are two button shows the first one is preview button and the second publish button the preview button is allow you to see your preview of your posts and the publish button is allow you to publish your post and your post is going on live on your blog.

6. In VI section you can see on the given figure that is a setting button which allow you to set your post setting like as document post format and permalink

7. In the seventh section you can see there are two red button the first one is so like as H 00/100 and the second one is analytics 2/ 100 .that are two button which is given by the rank math plug in the rank math plugin is the SEO tool plugin which improve your post ranking we will discuss about track math in the another post

8. In the eighth section you can able to see from the figure that two blocks of the first one is known as document and the second one is block .

 In the document section there are three types of option so the first one status visibility and the second one is visibility, third is published in its visibility means your post which type of visible lokke publish draft or another. 

And publish means immediately means which time you want to publish your post like immediately , later or maybe something so on.

9.You can see from the figure in the ninth section that section is known as post format. Post format means which type of your post that is related to your post is motivation for related to video image or if your post is like as article then you select standard and second one is stick to the top of the blog.

 If you want to stick to the top of the blog your post then you tick on stick to the top of the blog. And the third one is pending review means if you want not to publish your post again you select pending review and the fourth one is Author means who wrote your post that you select that person name.

How To Start A Blog in 2021 (Step by Step) 13

10-11. You can see section 10 and 11 are same in which you have a category section in which, which type of category you want to select for your post we have already told about category what is category what its means?

12- You can see from the figure in the section Number 12 you got an option text text means related to your category that we already told you about it.

13. In Section number 13 show  featured image that which type of image you want to show when anyone search your blog post on Google that image show on the Google that is known as featured image.

14- Section number 14 not means all about for you because it is not more for you because it is write an expert optional it is optional for you.

I think after reading the full article you have understand about the all section of add new post.

So if you have any problem in any section then you comment your problem and I have tried to best give answer of your question as soon as possible.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

After Reading full article maybe you are known to start a profitable blog and  I hope now you start a profitable blog .

Updated on September 20, 2021

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