How to write Blog and make money?

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Do you want to know “How To Write  Blog And Make Money?

 I think all your answer is Yes.

Because, The most important thing for the Bloggers is writing Blog post.


Why You Need To write A Blog?

 There are many bloggers who doesn’t know that what is the main thing in blogging.

So, we tell you that writing A Blog is the main Point for the blogger who want to do blogging.

Writing A Blog is not too easy, but we can say that,

It’s not too hard. It’s depend on your niche and your  knowledge and also that is “You are passionate about your Blog or not”.

If you are passionate about  Your Blog the it is best. But it’s together also you need to more knowledge about your niche.


Seven Facts Related Writing A Blog.


  • It’s matter your language in what language you want to read your.
  • Is You have more Knowledge about your Blog niche?
  • Is you are passionate about your niche?
  • Is you want provide value for the user? .
  • Is you have experience to writing a Blog that atrract user?
  • Is you write a Blog on any topics about 2000+ words?
  • Is you use simple with depth meaning full words that’s help to the users to easy understand?

If your answer for these questions is Yes then yu can Write A Blog and if not then,


First you need to improve your experience, then also try again to Write A Blog.


But why I am saying like this,


It is so because, if you have not knowledge, not interest in your niche, and not provide your Blog with easy words,


Then, How it is possible You ca provide valuable or value to your users?


So, this reason why I am saying to you of you have not interest in your niche,

Then First you choose A niche in which your are intetested.


Then you will able to Write A Blog.


So, this was a qick introduction


In this post I am full guides to writting blog. After reading this post you are also fully able to write a valuable blog. And if you not read it properly theh, you are not fully able to write a valuable blog.

Now Let’s explain it in Explain.

So, Let’s dive into it,

 How To Write A Blog And Make Money.

 After seeing the Heading you are exited to know that How to make Money from this,

But I want to First delete it from your mind that not focus on Money because if you don’t know that How to write blog then How it possible to earn money from your blog.

So this reason that why I am saying to you not focus money. Because you can earn lots of money from your blog if it’s valuable and it provide value to others.


 So First , you need to make your blog valuable, then you can auto earn money from it.


I think from  now You deleted the think Money.


So, Go to deep that How write a blog.

 You read up that writing a blog is not too hard.



Many bloggers think that its too hard to writing blog but,


Belive me, It’s  not too hard to write blog.


Follow These Steps To Writing A Blog


1.Take Interest In Your Niche.

There are many bloggers who don’t take interest in their blog. They only See that niches Search Volume and their CPC.


But if you don’t take interest in your niche then, you not able to write blog.


So First you need to take interest in your niche. Then, you able to do it.


2.Knowledge About Your Blogpost.


There are many bloggers that they don’t know more about their blog at the time of writing blog.


That’s why not able to writing their blog.

So you need to take more knowledge about your blog post.


Then you can 20% able to wrote your blog posts.

3.Research About Your Posts Topic


There are many bloggers who does’t research about their topics, on which they want to write a blog.

For writing a valuable posts, you need to reach on that particular topics.

When you research about your topics then you will get more info. That’s help you to writing a blog.

4.Use easy and simple words.


There are many blogger doesn’t understand that in which type of lnguage they write their articles mean it’s easy or tough.


So you need to write posts to use easy words. If you use easy words in your posts. Then it helps to the users to easy understand that posts means.

6.Aim To Provide Valuable Contents.


To providing value to the users You need to write valuable contents in your posts.


If you do this then it make you grow UP.

7.Use All Types Of Heading.


To making your paragraph easy and understandable, you need to use all types of heading which are given here.


  1. H1
  2. H2
  3. H3
  4. H3
  5. H5
  6. H6

And more


And one thing that is you Don’t use only one type of Heading. It effects on your seo so, I will always say to You use all tyoes of heafing acciring to your topis and where any types of Heading need to use , whete you use Heading.

To using these headings users are able to under stand your blog post that which types of topics you explain in it with the more INFORMATION.


So make sure that You use all types of heading.

If you follow these tips then believe it, you will able to write valuable blog post .


Now it’s your turns


In this post ,

I told full guide to write valuable blog. And I think Now you are understood about how to write blog .

So now it’s your turn tell me via comment that how’s this post for you. And is it helpful for you or not


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