25 Strategies That Helps To Increase Website Traffic FAST

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Your Blog Doesn’t Get Traffic,

You are too Worry,

Are You thinking that you cannot get increase website traffic from Google or any other sources?

You can get thousands of visitors on your blog after reading this article.

Hey blogger, In this post, I will tell 25 Strategies To Increase Instant Website Traffic FASTand By reading this, you will get a lot of traffic on your blog.

So lets dive in it.

How To Get Traffic From Google?

Do you want to increase your traffic? I think all your answer is, Yes because Who don’t need traffic?

On the internet there are lots of websites are increasing day by day and the Google search engine is confused that first we show whose blog on a particular keyword,

To facing that problem they launched their new updates of doing SEO. They said if you want to rank your blog on any particular niche on the Google then you need to do SEO,

So that why from them, all bloggers doing SEO.

Let’s take an example

Let your are a owner of a company. You have offered a job to the people’s ,And then you got lots of perposal and you are confused that which people choose for that job.

Then You make Guidelines and policies for that particular job,

So same like this Google SEO

I think you know better from this example.

So let’s find it.

It is most important thing that’s make you headline more catchy or attractive . because of this attraction user click on you blog post and also read your blog post that’s why you can get many- many more visitor.

Because of this attractive or catchy headlines , you CTR will increases and get more traffic and also help to grow your blog post ranking on the top page of google quickly.

Many blogger uses this technique to grow their blog post ranking on the top page of google and get more traffic.

Why  Make catchy or attractive Headlines?

Because  today in this world, many visitor do not like simple headlines. They want something catchy which makes them attractive. If you do not use  Catchy or attractive headlines on your blog post that can not impressed the user.  That’s why you can not get more visitor.

 Tips for writing a catchy or attractive headline

Use numbers – this is most important because visitor will attractive by using the number in the headline like “ 10 best plugin that must be use every blogger”. Visitor are desirous to read this post.This type article are called as list articles.

SEO optimize –  In articles and Headline both of them must include focus keyword, because google easily find out your keyword which you targeting.

Make your Title or headline awesome – if you  make your title or headline awesome. Then visitor will see your title firt time on the search engine thus visitor will become desirous to see your blog post.

Make your title understandable – make your blog post title understandable and people understand what are you saying to them them they come to you blog. If your title not understandable then people can not come to your blog.

Add Interesting Words- you should add some words which attract the user to read your blog post  and also help to grow your traffic.

2. Pay Attention On Page And Off Page SEO

what is seo and how its works

There are many bloggers who do not any type of page SEO that’s why they not get organic traffic.

But why I am telling you about SEO?

Basically if you want to get organic traffic then the main things comes to get organic traffic is SEO.

Because SEO play the most important role to getting organic traffic. But how to get traffic from SEO?

First I want to tell with you that if you do your on-page SEO up to 80% then definitely your articles rank on Google.

And when your blog ranked on the Google they you can get per day instantly day.

So this is the main purpose to give knowledge about SEO.

So let’s go deeply of SEO,

Basically SEO means search engine optimization.

I think you known something after knowing the full form of SEO. Means a tool which optimized search rankings.

It more helps you to get anytime traffic on your blog.

In this SEO there are two main SEO Comes. The first one is On-Page SEO and the second one is off page SEO.

On-Page SEO is a type of SEO that after Doing it for your blog post,
Your blog’s ranking chance is increased. This is best for doing SEO for your blog post.

So First You need to install best SEO plugin whose name is Rankmath.

I recommend to you that go through it and install it for proving ranking on the Google Search.

But How to Do On-Page SEO?
First you need to doing on-page SEO is Install a SEO plugin. Like RankMath because it is used by 10M+ active user. So I recommend this plugin for doing SEO.

Go to rank math plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

So, I hope you understood this strategy.

Let’s move to the next

There are many bloggers who do something wrong and that is they avoid Off-page SEO.

I think you also avoid this. But I want to say that, if you want to really rank on the Google then never avoid this because,

It play much important role to doing SEO. If you are doing your blogs on-page SEO then we don’t say that about your ranking.

But if you follow both of them On and Off-page SEO,

Believe me, You can really rank on Google.

There are many bloggers who doesn’t able to do off page SEO.

But How to do off page SEO.

Off-page SEO is the ways to rank your blog.,

So you need something from others blog for doing Off-page SEO.

1. Backlink
The backlink is one the best way to do off page SEO . You need to get backlinks from others by commenting on their post or linking to others from where you got backlinks .

2. DA- PA

DA means Domain Authority of your blog and PA page Authority of your blog.

If your DA is above 30 then you can easily rank on the Google. And also if you have PA upto 78 then also you can easily rank on the Google.

Domain authority is increasing only when you got backlinks from a high DA and PA. But if you have not more than 10 DA then what you do?

If you have not more than 10 DA then you can do hard work for creating Do follow backlinks from others blog which if related to your blog niche.

And also focus on both of them SEO factor that is On page and Off Page SEO ranking factor.

I the off page SEO one more thing comes and that is rich snippets. If you got rich snippet for your blog post then you also rank on the google.

But for some of this you need to pay something like you need to reviews you blog from the famous company.

But I don’t recommend to you this method because its not good for bloggers.

I hope you are known about the SEO ranking factor.

This is all about SEO.

Now it’s your turn

In This post I am told you all about SEO that what is SEO ?
what types of SEO and like this many thing we covered in this.

Now it’s your turn, I want to know from you that How’s this post for you and how this helps you via comment jut given below.

3.Target Long Tail Keyword

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers expert always recommended to use long tail keywords because it helps newbie blogger to grown and rank on tope page of google and get more traffic. Its beneficial for grow your ranking on the google easily.

If you are a new blogger  then I suggest you to target long tail keyword for google ranking aspect and if you a affiliate marketer this is help to you  increase your earning.

Writing a content is simple and also solve user problems by your content is called as Quality content.

Many of bloggers do not focus on the writing a good or high quality content , but I recommended you to make a good or high quality content and problems solving.

4, Write Instable Contents And Long Articles

There are many bloggers in the blogging field who do great and with providing valuable content but some are those bloggers in the blogging field who do not provide valuable content?

There are two types of bloggers.

The first one those who don’t provide valuable content to the user.

And the second one is those who providing valuable content to the users. If we take about those bloggers who don’t provide valuable content to the users, they do not succeed in the blogging field.

But if we talk about those bloggers who provide valuable content or you can say they provide value to the users, these types of bloggers all time growing they always succeed.

So these are quick about two types of bloggers. It depends on you which type of bloggers you became or will want to become. And also you know that in which bloggers type always get profit with fu reputation.

Because Google never believes those bloggers blog who doesn’t provide value to their user and also when users not get their need on your blog then they definitely left you blog.

So, Always try to create or write unique and valuable contents that always provide value to the users.

But How to create valuable content writing?

Providing valuable contents not too easy but we can say that it’s not very hard for those bloggers who are knowledgeable but,

Here, I am telling you some tips from that you have not difficulties to provide valuable contents.

1. Create your blog in which topics you are interested and If you already create a blog then you need to more research to providing value to your contents but you can follow these tips that also help to grow your blog.

2. Write articles about 2000+ words.

3. Write your articles that easy to read.

4. Always correct your mistakes. It’s also the main. But you try always mire times to improve the contents of your article then I always recommend you use the Grammarly Chrome extension that always shows your contents which are your mistakes.

5. Always use the FAQ section after the end of the article related to your topics.

6. Always asks your users that How’s that post.

Believe me, Its genuine methods to attract your users.

So these are tips that we have given to you about insatiable contents and long articles. I think you got an idea from this.

So let’s move to the next.

5. Optimize Your Image

Many bloggers who make their images like full HD on their blog.

And after uploading them on their blog they don’t do anything of their images.

But it’s a challengeable mistake. And it always unimproved you blog post ranking as well as your traffic.

So if you want to get traffic then the genuine method is that optimize the image of your blog. It helps you to rank great on Google.

So I was to tell with you that after optimizing your image upload it on your blog,

It helps to you more and more,

I also personally use it to increasing my blog on Google.

So I think from this strategy you get a new tip to increase your blog traffic.

So let’s move to another strategy that helps you to more.

6. Use Best Plugin

Many bloggers don’t use the best plugin that affects to their ranking.

First, you clear your mind that if you want to get organic traffics, then you need to rank your blog post on Google on your particular keyword.

If your blog not rank on the top of Google then how to possible to get organic possible.

So I want to tell you to use the best plugin that makes your blog advance.

But you don’t know which best plugins which you should use?

Here are some plugins which I am personally used but some are paid and some are Free.

1. Elementor pro {paid and also a free plugin}.

2. Rank Math

3. OneSignal Plus

These are the best plugin that helps you more.

7. Use Good Theme

There are many users that they don’t use the best theme.

I want you to tell you that the best thing that comes in the blog is the theme. If you do not use the best theme then it effects on your blog ranking,

But trust me, If you use a better plugin for your blog then it also helps you to increase your ranking on Google.

But you don’t know which themes best for your blog.
Don’t worry I am telling the best theme for your blog.

The one and only theme I recommend you is Generatepress.
It is a lite theme which gives a great response.

This is very easy to customize your blog as professionally.

So I recommend to you use it if you want to rank your website.


Which Theme I Recommended You?

 I am personally Use Generatepress Theme . It is a light theme.Its Loading time is between 2-3s. This is the paid theme.

And Believe me, If you invest in this theme then you get the best results short.

8. Guest Posting

If you want to rank your website and want to increase your website traffic then I recommend you to guest post to others website it help you very well and it increases your domain authoritypage authority and all about your blog which is needed for your blog to increase traffic.

There are many websites who offers to guest post on their website related to main niche which related your niche.

So it works very well.

9. Comment On Others Blogs

If you don’t want to guest post to others than have also one option that is comments to the other blogs that help you lots of more.

Believe me, if you want to increase your blog traffic then I recommend to you this is the best way to increase your blog.

But stop it, comments on others blog like as professionally and never scam comments on other blog.

I know that this is very well for you so do this with interes

10. Start Email Marketing

There are many blogger who uses a best method from them they get traffic also they get more sale , so the method that I am taking that is email marketing.

This is a organically way to get more traffic from others

Many new bloggers that they does not give the value of list building? that is a big mistake.

Yes it’s right because I don’t know or not want to list building but believe me list building one of the proven way from you got more organic sales and traffic to your blog .

But what is the list building that right question?

List building mean email list building you want to collecting email who are interested in you and when you got more email list then you have targeted audience who are interested in your.

How to do email list building?

that’s a great question .

You need to make a subscribe button on your front page of your blog but make it attractive than more subscriber you get.

When I started blogging then I don’t believe it but when I was try by ourselves then they help and I am get amazing results from it so I recommend to you try this you will get more amazing results like me.

I also says to you never miss any opportunity for growing your blog.

11. Post Share to the Social Media

The most important problem of all bloggers is not getting enough traffics?

But why they don’t get traffic on their blog?

Because of the main reason is that they does not use all social media platform to drive traffic on their blog. Most of them are depends on the only organic traffics.

But all newbie not know that they getting traffic from social media to boot their ranking on the google.

You might also know that google also loves indirectly the social media traffics.

So, I recommended to you from now start sharinh your articles on all social media platform to boost your ranking on google.

12. Start Youtube Channel

On the Internet, video marketing is very fastly Growing day by day. The video marketing is grown on youtube.

There are all over the world over 10 Billions plus users making video on the youtube per day.

But why I am telling with because of there are 90% bloggers make videos together with blogpost on the Youtube.

Believe me, Making a youtube channel and uploading videos daily basis is the way to earn money and send traffic to your blogpost.

And it also like your Blog.
Here also you need to provide value to users. So the principle of these is providing value to the users.

Only difference between Blog and YouTube is that on Blog you write contents but on YouTube you make videos.

Ad you choose a particular niche for your Blog as the same you need to a particular niche to start a channel.

And I also tell to you that if you not now nake your channel then in future if you want to make then your Channel’s growth Shall very low because as the days gone by , on YouTube competition is highing.

So start a channel today And grow it UP.

13. Use Quora

increase website traffic

There are many beginner blogger not know that quora will send traffic on your blog?

First we talk about Quora.

Quora is a question answer platform where you can ask questions and get that questions’ answer or where you give user’s question’s answer.

Here you need to choose your topics in which you are interested and after selecting your topics you can get more and more questions related to your topics and you need to give answer of that question. Amd there you can share your post link which question is related to users question.

But keep in mind that if you only share links on Quora then you blocked by Quora for always.

So don’t scam Quora only sharing links. Provide value.

You can get more opportunity on Quora.

You can earn money by Quora.

Also if you want to need make money from Quora then First you need to make a space related to your blog.

what is Space?

Let’s take an example to understand about Quora space.

Quora space is same like as a group where more and more members join together, so that same Quora space.

On Quora space you need to post articles.
If on your space has more members and you get lots of views than you are able to monetize your Quora Space like Google adsense monetization. And also you can drive traffic from Quora Space.

So this is also a best Strategy from where you can get more traffic.

14. Use Pintrest

25 Strategies That Helps To Increase Website Traffic FAST 1

There are many bloggers who are left popular social media from they can earn money lots.

So that social media name is pinterest. It is one of the best images pinning Plateform from where youn can also get millions of traffics if it goes viral on the pinterest.

The best thing of pinterest is that it gains 400M traffics per month.

So First you need to make s free account on it,

And also per day save UP to 10 pins including your pin Which can gives you are lots of more traffic on your blog.

But keep in mind that this is you can get organically traffic on your blog.

So I think it is better for You and also it is helpful for you.

15. Use Medium

Do you really want to get organic really traffic in your blog.

So how you get traffic.

If you want to post like as guest per day for your blog that accept it.

And you can get access like wp. So the name is Medium.

Before posting start a need to know their guide lines Becase like as Quora,

It has a very strict rules

How to post on it?First you need to make a Medium account. After that create your page engaging.

And I recommend to you that please post perday I think twoc articles that’s also help you to I crease your traffic I hope you got one new idea to get more visitors.

16. Updating Outdated Content

You do not update old contents?

I think the beginner bloggers do a mistake that is they doesn’t update their old Content that’s why their old Content are losing.

What is the profit of updating old contents?
. If your old contents was ranked but at this time not ranked then if you again update that post then definitely it also again ranked UP on the Google so, this is the benefits of updating old contents.

So I recommend to you update your old contents after ono month from the published time of that post.

So it helps you more.

17. Use wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the biggest website which is related to all the topics like blogging, health, politics and many more.

From Wikipedia, you can drive traffic to your blog?

What! You can get traffic from Wikipedia?

Yes, you have heard the right thing, you can get traffic from Wikipedia on your particular niche blog.

But How?

First, you need to search your niche + Wikipedia on Google and you got more results.

From the top click on First or second results.

Scroll down you can see the External links option. 

But First, you need to search for something which is not happening and then write thought about those topics and come on External link,
Click on it and just paste your Article link and click on save.

But keep in mind that never spam Wikipedia.

If you scam Wikipedia than for l always your IP addresses will blocked.
So this is the way to get traffic from Wikipedia

18. Use Professional Infographics

There are many bloggers who doesn’t use professional infografics they only use simple image for their blog posts that’s why ,

That effects on their Google search ranking.

So make sure provide high quality for your blogs never use low quality.

Not know from where you make infographic?

Don’t worry I help you

The best tool thats helps you great best that’s name is canva.

From this you can get 1600000 active available templetes related to all topic from them.

So I hope you get a new strategy from here which is helpful for you.

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19. Focus on Mobile Usability

You need to focus on mobile usibility ,
if you want to get organic traffic from Google because Google says that if your mobile usability is looking good then your site fastly rank on the Google on the particular keyword.

So make sure that you will focus on mobile usability.

If your mobile usability is good then more chances to rank your blog.

20. Add video to Post

Many bloggers are using a new way to rank their website .

if you want to rank your website on Google then you use this new genuine way that is adding video to your post related to your blog post .

Believe me it genuine way to rank easily on the Google.

If you are adding videos related to your post then that posts value is increase means PA Increase.

And also you can get more immpression.
So add video related to your post on your blog.

This is my personal recommendations to use it.

21. Make facebook group

 Grow your traffic on your Blog by creating a FB group which helps you to grow your blog by sharing tips and tricks on your Facebook group with link .

By making a Facebook group related to your blog helps you to
 Growing your audience and also you have active not scammers.

Facebook group is the group where you can collect users for your need.

There are lots fb groups that are available on the googl

22. Use SSL

SSL is not a way to boosting your traffic but it is a SEO ranking factor.

You know that SSL is used to secure your blog. Google is always says that SSL is main important thing for trust.

If Google trust increase on your blog then you will be easily rank on Google.

So I hope you make your a SSL good and secure your site.

23. Paid Advertising

The one and the best way to get instant traffic?

That’s name is paid advertising.

If you have budget high then you can do it and you can also run you blogs ads.

And you can easily get more traffic to your blog from the ads which you are running.

24. Share To All Social Media

how to maximize social media traffic to your site

If you want to get real traffic to your blog than you need to one thing,

That is you need to  share your posts to the all social media platform like Instagram, Linkden and many more.

From this you can  traffic and also increasing your blog ranking.

So, I recommend to you that share your posts to all the social media platform.

25. Optimize Contents With First Keyword

If you want to get instant increase website traffic then you need to focus on the main thing keywords.

To improving your ranking and increase website traffic you need to optimize your contents with the main keywords.

That’s help to the Google to fastly search your contents.

So, In this post , I am fully told you that “How to increase website traffic”.

So I hope you understood that how to increase website traffic.

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