This Is How Maggi Was Born | Success Story of Maggi | Journey from being compulsive to becoming the choice of crores of Indians

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Today everyone is crazy about Maggi, which can be prepared quickly in two minutes. In the last 37 years, the craze of Maggi in India has increased so much, it has become famous that from child-child to bachelors and from bachelors to old mens. Today Maggi has become the “all time favorite” of everyone, whose name is from the child.

It is always on everyone’s tongue till the turret, as soon as the name of Maggi is taken, water comes in everyone’s mouth, but do you know how Maggi came into the world?, Why noodles are called “Maggie”. Who gave the name of?, Why was Maggi made? What did Maggi do so that it became the choice of crores of people? And why Maggi was not banned even after repeated controversy? So then let’s know the whole story behind it from making Maggi under compulsion to becoming the choice of crores of people.

Who started Maggi?

Who Started Maggi?

In fact, Maggi, who ruled over millions of hearts, was started by Julius Maggi in 1872 under compulsion. Julius Maggi was born in Switzerland in 1846. At the age of 23, he started working in his father’s factory, but his father’s business was not doing well, his father’s work came to a standstill due to a huge decline in the industry. Due to which Julius Maggi started working in the food production business with his friend Physician Friedolin Schuler. In the initial days he started selling readymade soups with full protein but he failed miserably. Then, Julius Maggi took this decision that now he will make a “Ready to use” and very quick food ingredient.

Had to make Maggi in compulsion

In1886, he started selling ready-to-use soup. At that time, it was the time of Industrial Revolution in Switzerland, at that time the women had to work in the factories for a long time, due to which the women there got less time to cook food due to working more hours. In view of this, the Swiss public welfare society took the help of Julius Maggi, then in this way Maggi was born under compulsion. Then, Julius Maggi named his product as his new sir name i.e. Maggi and from this, the success story of Maggi started, then gradually Julius Maggi’s Maggi started becoming popular in the market.

Nestle buys Maggie in 1947

This Is How Maggi Was Born | Success Story of Maggi | Journey from being compulsive to becoming the choice of crores of Indians 1

After that, Julius Maggi launched Maggi for the first time in Germany in 1897. Maggi had become a very big brand by 1912, but in 1912, Julius Maggi left this world. Due to the absence of Julius Maggi, his work was also affected and for many years Maggi continued to walk slowly. And till 1912, Maggi had not even come to India, then Nestle bought Maggi in 1947. Then Nestle made such a marketing strategy of Maggi that it reached every house.

Maggi became very popular as soon as it spread in India

After a long time, Nestle launched Maggi in India in 1984. Nestle company never thought that Maggi would be so popular in India, till 1997 the people of India liked Maggi  taste, but  Nestle Maggi changed the way of making Noodles in 1997 due to which Indians did not like the new taste of Maggi and after 2 years Till Maggi was minimum sold in India. then in 1999, Maggi again went on the method of making its old noodles and since then the craze of Maggi started increasing slowly in India.

Nestle spends 100 crores every year to promote Products  in India

Today Maggi reigns in crores of hearts in India with the claim that it can be prepared instantly in two minutes. And do you know nestle spends 100 crores every year in advertising in India, out of which nestle promotes Maggi the most. And nestle earns almost 1000 crores every year in India from maggi. The craze of Maggi has become so much in India that when people go to the shop to buy noodles, they do not ask for noodles from the shopkeeper, but ask for it by saying Maggi, because many people do not know that Maggie is the name of the brand.

Journey from being compulsive to becoming the choice of crores of Indians

So this was the journey of Maggie from being born in compulsion to becoming the most favorite of crores of people. If you have got a little knowledge from this , then please share it with your family, friends, relatives so that they too To know the knowledge about the most favorite noodle Maggi.

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