SEO Explained That What Is SEO And How It Works?


Do you want to increase your traffic by improving your SEO Score?

I think all your answer is Yes because Who don’t need traffic?

On the internet there are lots of websiteare increasing day by day and the Goole search engine is confused that first we show whose blog on a particular keyword,

To facing that problem they lauched their new updates of doing SEO.

They said if you want to rank your blog on any particular niche on the Google then you need to do SEO,

So that why from them, all bloggers doing SEO.

Let’s take an example

Let your are a owner of a company.

You have offered a job to the people’s

And then you got lots of perposal and you are confused that which people choose for that job.

Then You make Guidelines and policies for that particular job,

So same like this Google SEO

I think you know better from this example.

So let’s find it.

What Is SEO And How It Works?

There are many bloggers who do not any type of page SEO that’s why they not get organic traffic.

But why I am telling to you about SEO? Basically if you want to get organic traffic then the main things comes to get organic traffic is SEO.

Because SEO play the most important role to getting organic traffic.

But how to get traffic from SEO?

First I want to tell with you that if you do your on page SEO up to 80% then definitely your articles rank on Google.

And when your blog ranked on the Google they you can get per day instantly day. So this is the main purpose to give knowlege about SEO .

So let’s go deeply of SEO.

Basically SEO means search engine optimization.

I think you known something after knowing the full form of SEO. Means a tool which optimized search rannking.

It more helps you to get anytime traffic on your blog.

In this SEO there are two main SEO Comes. The first one is On Page SEO and the Second one is off page SEO.

On Page SEO is a type of SEO that after Doing it for your blog post,
Your blog’s ranking chance is increased. This is best for doing SEO for your blog post.

So First You need to install best SEO plugin whose name is Rankmath.

I recommend to you that go through it and install it for proving ranking on the Google Search.

But How to Do On Page SEO? 

First you need to doing on page SEO is Install a SEO plugin. Like RankMath because it is used by 10M+ active user. So I recommend this plugin for doing SEO.

Go to rank math plugin from your wordpress dashboard. There you can make good seo

what is seo and how its works

Let’s move to the next

There are many bloggers who do something wrong and that is they avoid Off page SEO.

I think you are also avoid this.

But I want to say that, if you want to really rank on the Google then never avoid this because,

It play much important role to doing SEO.

If you are doing your blogs on page SEO then we don’t say that about your ranking.

But if you follow both of them On and Off page SEO,

Believe me, You can really rank on the Google.

There are many bloggers who doesn’t able to do off page SEO.

But How to do off page SEO.

Off page SEO is the ways to rank your blog.,

So you need some thing from others blog for doing Off page SEO.

1. Backlink
Backilink is on e the best way to do off page SEO . You need to get backlinks from others by commenting on their post or linking to others from where you got backlinks .

2. DA PA –DA means Domain Authority of your blog and PA page Authority of your blog.

If your DA is above 30 then you can easily rank on the Google. And also if you have PA upto 78 then also you can easily rank on the Google.

Domain authority is increasing only when you got backlinks from a high DA and PA.

But if you have not more than 10 DA then what you do?

If you have not more than 10 DA then you can do hard work for creating Do follow backlinks from others blog which if related to your blog niche.

And also focus on both of them SEO factor that is On page and Off Page SEO ranking factor.

I the off page SEO one more thing comes and that is rich snippets.

If you got rich snippet for your blog post then you also rank on the google.

But for some of this you need to pay something like you need to reviews you blog from the famous company.

But I don’t recommend to you this method because its not good for bloggers.

I hope you are known about SEO ranking factor.

This is all about SEO.

Do you want to know mistakes of blogger that’s why they not succeeed?

Now Its Your Turn

In This post I am told you all about SEO that what is SEO ?
what types of SEO and like this many thing we covered in this.

Now it’s your turn, I want to know from you that How’s this post for you and how this helps you via comment jut given below.

Updated on October 2, 2020

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